Femme Fatale Lashes ┃ Soft Luxe Natural

ELFF01 Charming
ELFF02 Attraction
ELFF03 Passion
ELFF04 Mystery
ELFF05 Charisma
ELFF06 Ardor
ELFF07 Empower
ELFF08 Sensual
ELFF09 Fervor
ELFF10 Captivate
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Unleash your fatale charm with our FEMME FATALE LASH COLLECTION ❤️‍🔥



Soft Luxe Natural Lashes, for a delicate look 



Featuring an extra fine band and lightweight, matte black lashes for a seamlessly natural look and ultra-comfortable, all-day wear.


In a variety of natural to dramatic styles, choose the perfect lashes for you and release your sultry, seductive charm. 




1. If needed, trim lash band to desired length

2. Apply Absolute Lash Adhesive to lash band and wait 20-30 seconds

3. Place lash along your natural lash line



How to remove lashes

1. Carefully peel off lash band starting from the outer corner

2. For future re-application, remove excess adhesive from lash and place back onto tray

Caution for lashes

1. Do not apply adhesive directly to eyelid

2. Keep away from the reach of children