Off the Wing Accent Lashes

ELFF16 Raven
ELFF17 Jay
ELFF18 Robin
ELFF19 Dove
ELFF20 Swan
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Flawlessly accentuate your lashes with our OFF THE WING ACCENT LASH 



These no-trim lashes feature a comfortable, soft band that helps 
these lashes be perfect for daily wear or special occasions.



Light, fluffy layers give a multidimensional effect to subtly transform, and perfectly accentuate, lift, and elevate your lashes.




1. If needed, trim lash band to desired length

2. Apply Absolute Lash Adhesive to lash band and wait 20-30 seconds

3. Place lash along your natural lash line



How to remove lashes

1. Carefully peel off lash band starting from the outer corner

2. For future re-application, remove excess adhesive from lash and place back onto tray

Caution for lashes

1. Do not apply adhesive directly to eyelid

2. Keep away from the reach of children