Shaggy Wavy Lashes

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Experience the NEWEST technology in lashes.

Why Wavy?  

The waviness of the lashes creates bolder volume and it's 2X lighter than traditional lashes!

Handcrafted, multi-dimensional lashes made with nano silk featuring an innovative wavy texture and flexible lash band that easily aligns with any eye shape.  Create a dramatic 5D effect on your eyes whilst looking more natural than faux mink - without additional weight.

Reusable up to 30 times!


Patent Pending

Contact Lens Friendly


False Lashes Length of Lash Hairs
Length of Lash Band
Choppy [ELWL01] 10 - 15 mm 30 mm
Shaggy [ELWL02] 10 - 17 mm 35 mm
Frizzy [ELWL03] 10 - 15 mm 33 mm
Elegant [ELWL04] 10 - 15 mm 33 mm
Brunette [ELWL05] 10 - 15 mm 33 mm
Cascade [ELWL06] 10-17 mm 35 mm


1. If needed, trim lash band to desired length

2. Apply Absolute Lash Adhesive to lash band and wait 20-30 seconds

3. Place lash along your natural lash line


How to remove lashes

1. Carefully peel off lash band starting from the outer corner

2. For future re-application, remove excess adhesive from lash and place back onto tray



Shaggy Wavy Lashes