Pro Brush Collection

MTBR01 Pro Universal Powder Brush
MTBR02 Pro Versatile Powder Brush
MTBR03 Pro Foundation Brush
MTBR04 Pro Concealer Brush
MTBR05 Pro Blush Brush
MTBR06 Pro Bronzer Brush
MTBR07 Pro Cream Brush
MTBR08 Pro Setting Brush
MTBR09 Pro Fan Brush
MTBR10 Pro Blending Brush
MTBR11 Pro Buffing Brush
MTBR12 Pro Shader Brush
MTBR13 Pro Smudge Brush
MTBR14 Pro Pencil Brush
MTBR15 Pro Liner Brush
MTBR16 Pro Brow Brush
MTBR17 Pro Brow Shaper
MTBR18 Pro Kabuki Brush
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Define, Blend, Diffuse & Accentuate ūüéÄ


Our specially curated collection of high-quality, 100% vegan brushes are designed to help precisely apply & seamlessly blend cream, liquid or powder products creating the perfect full face makeup look. 



Ultra Soft, plush & perfectly dense for effortless application to perfect any look & complete with ease. 



Brush Guide & Suggestions: 


MTBR01- Pro Universal Powder Brush 

A large, fluffy, domed brush that seamlessly applies & effortlessly blends powder products for a perfectly blended effect. 



MTBR02- Pro Versatile Powder Brush 

A multi-use, soft, pointed brush that precisely applies & blend powder products for a sculpted face. 



MTBR03- Pro Foundation Brush 

A multi-use, densely packed brush that flawlessly builds coverage & seamlessly blends cream products for an airbrush finish.



MTBR04- Pro Concealer Brush 

A dense, uniquely shaped brush that makes it easy to build and blend cream products with precision for a seamless finish.



MTBR05- Pro Blush Brush 

A fluffy, softly packed brush that’s perfectly sized and shaped to precisely apply and
flawlessly blend powder products.



MTBR06- Pro Bronzer Brush 

A soft, angled brush made with the perfect density to effortlessly bronze and precisely sized to seamlessly sculpt your face.



MTBR07- Pro Cream Brush 

A flat, densely packed brush that makes it easy to precisely control and apply cream
products for a perfectly sculpted face



MTBR08- Pro Setting Brush 

A softly packed, tapered brush, perfectly sized to set under eyes, highlight, or precisely apply any powder product.



MTBR09- Pro Fan Brush 

A softly packed, fluffy fan brush that makes it easy to diffuse highlighter or sweep away excess powder for a seamless finish.



MTBR10- Pro Blending Brush 

A fluffy, soft tapered brush that makes it easy to blend or sweep shadow through the crease for seamless washes of color.



MTBR11- Pro Buffing Brush 

A domed, densely packed brush that makes blending and diffusing harsh lines of shadow effortlessly easy



MTBR12- Pro Shader Brush 

A versatile, tapered brush designed with the perfect density to apply shadow and softly blend out harsh lines.



MTBR13- Pro Smudge Brush 

A short, densely packed brush that makes it easy to pack or diffuse shadow onto the lid and along the lash line.



MTBR14- Pro Pencil Brush 

A small, tapered pencil brush precisely sized for detailed shadow application and blending.



MTBR15- Pro Liner Brush 

An extra-wide, angled brush made to effortlessly wing liner or to smudge shadow along the lash line.



MTBR16- Pro Brow Brush 

A duel-ended, angled brow brush that helps precisely apply and blend powder, cream, or
pomade products for sculpted eyebrows.



MTBR17- Pro Brow Shaper 

A duel-ended, brow shaper that helps comb brow wax or gel through hairs to easily sculpt and shape for perfectly lifted eyebrows.



MTBR18- Pro Kabuki Brush 

A compact, multi-use brush that’s densely packed and soft, to easily and seamlessly blend out face or body products.